Gâteau de menage

gateau brioche

This is a kind of miracle, or maybe just one isolated case that will be followed by a lack of new blog posts in weeks or worst-case scenario in months, but today I have a new recipe to share on my blog.

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Tumeric rolls with butternut and pecan


french version english version italian version (scroll down)

I love cinnamon sweet rolls, no matter which season and no matter which stuffing. It might be the softness of the risen dough or maybe their shape that makes them particularly appealing to me. The recipe I am sharing with you today matches very much the flamboyant colors of the autumn. Read more

Whole-wheat and rey focaccia with preserved lemons

focaccia integrale al limone-

french version english version italian version (scroll down)

It’s no longer a surprise that I am very fond of lemons, right? But to be honest, lately I’ve been using preserved lemons more than fresh ones. I put them everywhere, in breads, cakes, or even a classic chicken. Read more

Focaccia à la farine de pois chiches

focaccia avec farine de pois chiches

french version english version italian version (scroll down)

La focaccia est une des gourmandises qui me manque le plus de l’Italie, ou mieux encore, la possibilité de me promener et d’arrêter dans une boulangerie et en prendre un morceau. La focaccia est une préparation à « mi-chemin » entre le pain et la pizza, qui a des racines antiques en Italie. On peut remonter jusqu’au Moyen-Âge, où les premières focaccia étaient servies à l’occasion des mariages. Read more

Mini focaccia with hemp flour and olives

focaccia a la farine de chanvre

Let me tell you this, hemp flour should be used more frequently as it is a really small wonder. A real nutritional value with a unique and nutty flavour. Hemp flour does not contain gluten and is very rich in proteins, fats (Omega 3 and Omega 6, so the good fats!), vitamins and minerals; and surprise, surprise, no allergies to hemp have been yet reported. Read more