Mini breads with sage and rosemary

panini alla salvia

fresh herbs bread sticks

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I’m getting ready for a new cookbook for a while, and I’m thinking about it. at least 5 times a day for a week, try one or two recipes very quickly, and get rid of that book for months. Read more

Picnic chic

Boursin piquenique 12

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All Montrealers agree that their city is a lover who dumps you and wins you back every summer with a little bit of glad-handing. From May, indeed, the city changes completely, it blossoms again together with its lush gardens, trees and smiling people strolling through the streets, alleys and parks … What a radical change after all the gray and white of the winter! Read more

Spelt loaf cake with asparagus and leeks

plumcake salato agli asparagi


After the cookie phase now is the moment of savory loaf cakes which I haven’t made for a long time.
The “rediscovery” of this recipe is due to the the fact that we coincidentally found ourselves having friends over for brunch for 3 consecutive Sundays and while I was looking for some not too heavy and very easy recipes to make, I came to the conclusion that a savory loaf cake would do the job perfectly. Read more

Sweet potato gnocchi (egg free)

gnocchis à la patate douce

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Did you know that sweet potatoes have nothing to do with regular potatoes? I personally learnt that not too long ago. The two vegetables are often prepared in the same way, but the sweet potato is eaten both in savory and in sweet preparations and its flavor is not as neutral as the regular potatoes, but rather tastes like chestnuts and carrots. Read more

Barley soup with beans and spinach

Barley soup with beans and spinach

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The first days of autumn are magical to me, made of little comforting gestures, such as closing the windows, wearing warmer clothes or wrapping your ears with scarves in the early morning and, of course, craving for soups. This is the image of the autumn I have, no matter in which country I live now, Canada, Italy, I picture my autumn exactly like this. Read more