Spelt and white beans soup

Spelt and white bean soup

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I noticed that the spelt is not really fashionable in Montreal, you can find a lot of grains everywhere but after more than a year living here, I’ve never seen spelt served in restaurants. That’s probably why when I went out with the purpose of buying it without knowing its name, neither in French nor in English , I started talking with a loud voice and moving my hands, exactly how everyone in the world would expect an Italian does. The poor girl who was serving me in the shop started to look at me like I was crazy (how can I blame her???) Read more

Chocolate mousse with rhubarb and biscuits

chocolate mousse

While I was trying this recipe I realized several things about the chocolate mousse:
1) It’s good
2) It’s easy and quick to prepare
3) It’s not too greasy, or at least less greasy than I supposed it was
4) You can play with its flavors by adding fruits, biscuits or dried fruits
So after all these upsides I wonder why I haven’t tried it before? Ah … the prejudice is hardly a good thing…. In fact, I should officially beg the chocolate mousse pardon, because I’ve always thought that it wasn’t interesting enough to catch my attention, and that its name was the most attractive thing about it. What a mistake! Read more

Sweet potatoes and pancetta flan

sweet potatoes and pancetta flan

french version english version italian version

Moving at almost 34 years old is not easy, especially if you do it at a time you’ve never imagined. Your family, your friends, your job … the balance of all of this breaks .You have to start it all over again. When I arrived in Quebec, I lived the first months exactly as a tourist. Discovering the city as if I was an Italian of “passaggio ” I didn’t want to break my bonds with Italy and my entire life there. After summer, when Montreal becomes really amazing, I’ve begun to feel it in my heart, I’ve started to feel comfortable with different cultures, habits and people. Read more

Beet gnocchi

beet gnocchi

french version english version italian version

Honestly I’ve made ​​this recipe two times before I started writing this post: first time fascinated by the experience of trying purple gnocchi, the second one for the Christmas Eve dinner at some friends’ house, but above all to note the right amount of ingredients. If you have already made homemade gnocchi, you’ll see that this recipe has no additional difficulty. Only particularity is that beets make the dough a bit more humid, so you must need to add more flour and be more patient kneading it. And trust me, even if you’re not a big fan of beets, I am sure 100% that you will be seduced by its beautiful fuchsia color! Read more

Artichokes and truffle oil tartlets

short crust pastry tartlets

french version english version italian version

I came up with this recipe by chance. During a cleaning day I found a very special book, hidden behind at least 15 other books, on the top of my fridge. This cooking book was a Christmas gift of a friend of mine of many years … what a surprise! It was exactly like receiving it again!This book was full of sticky notes among which I’ve found the artichokes and truffle oil tartlets’ recipe, really easy to prepare and perfect to be served during an aperitif or as an appetizer. Just to be clear, it’s obvious that the responsibility of the big chaos on my bookcases (in the kitchen or in the living room) is not on me, but on the books themselves, always undisciplined and clumsy…

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