Sfeeha, the buns from Syria.

sfeeha, stuffed buns

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Food in a way is like fashion. There are times when recipes or ingredients know their heyday. I noticed that the bread nowadays is having its time. Talking about bread, there are many varieties indeed, from ingredients to shapes and colors. It is clear that these “magnificent creatures” have always fascinated me. For this reason, during a cold afternoon of hot teas and an inevitable stop to the bookstore, I bought the book “The book of buns” without hesitating. By the time I got home, I was dreaming of stopping time and making all the breads that were in the book. Read more

“Pici” with crumbs. A taste of Tuscany

Pici con le briciole

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Ah the Pici, in my opinion it represents one of the best ways to enjoy fresh homemade pasta. Any bite that dissolves in my mouth is like a dream for me. My foreign friends may not know that Pici is a kind of hand rolled spaghetti, longer and thicker. This type of hand-made spaghetti comes from Siena in Tuscany, where the preparation and the consumption of Pici have deep roots in the history of the city itself. It seems that the Etruscans had invented them. Read more

Onion crumble

onion crumble
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Yes, it is. You read that right. I said crumble + onions. What else should I add? No, I think that’s enough. The idea to make an onion crumble (I said onion crumble again…) was going through my head for a longtime. I even bought the baking glass dish to do it as soon as the idea came to my mind… I am like that, even if sometimes I hesitate a little, sooner or later, I move into action. The result was exactly as I expected, maybe even better. This onion crumble represents a dish that deserves to be eaten little by little, by small bits I would suggest. Read more

Bread cream with mozzarella di Bufala and mushrooms

bread cream

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Ok now that Valentine’s Day has passed, we can put away chocolate and heart molds and be focused on February again hoping that it will run away fast. But I have to keep my feet on the ground, in Montreal it’s still winter, and that’s why I can’t stop thinking about soups.  Today’s soup is the cream bread, I love it! It is a sweet memory of Florence and my mother, from whom I have inherited neither the genes nor the character, but surely the passion for cooking that keep us united, even if we are oceans apart. Read more

Dark chocolate cupcakes with pepper and sweet rose petals

dark chocolate cupcake

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I’ve never been good at doing cake decorations. There are a lot of places where I like to go just to admire as a child, through the windows, the infinite variety of cakes elegantly decorated like an artwork. Every period of the year has its own specialties. Now it’s “St. Valentine” time which means a float of hearts, pink and red decorations. Although I am aware of my limits in terms of decorations, I wanted to give myself a chance anyway. Et voilà my chocolate and pepper cupcakes decorated with sweet rose petals. Read more