Octopus and pomegranate salad. Serena’s recipe.

octopus salad

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I’ve waited for a long time to publish a recipe about fish, and since my friend Serena gave me this recipe, I am twice as happy. Should I start right away with the recipe or introduce some details about my friend? Let’s go with the introduction, she deserves at least a few lines. Serena and I have been friends for 10 years, she is a friend with whom I argued several times, but also of whom I cannot give up the friendship. She is beautiful, smart and very, very funny; spending an evening with Serena gives you the impression of being at a comedy show. She has many gifts: making people laugh, collecting shoes (but keep in mind it’s not allowed to see two shoes at the same time) and make Excel files … she makes them for everything indeed. Read more

Buckwheat, maple syrup and cranberry small cakes

maple sirop and cranberries small cakes

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Did you know that Quebec is the most important exporter of maple syrup in the world? Yes, it is. I have heard many Quebecois friends talking about the different qualities of maple syrup, and that a lot families buy directly from trusted producers. Canadians put on the research for the best maple syrup, the same passion that we (Italians) put on olive oil. When the season comes, we talk for at least 2-3 weeks of the best quality at the best price. Everyone has his own pride. In Italy, maple syrup is known but not so often put in use. Since my arrival in Montreal I’ve been surprised by many qualities and varieties of maple syrup available. Read more

Eliopita. The olive and Fanta bread from Cyprus

olive and Fanta bread

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According to my friends, this recipe is one of the best in my “resume”. They’ve in fact asked me to write the recipe on my blog, to avoid asking me the right amount of ingredients every single time.  It funny though, I had never thought to put it on my blog … Being honest, a longtime has passed since the last time I’ve prepared the olive bread. This happened not for some specific reason, simply, Eliopita went out of my mind. It’s really funny because I read a lot of magazines, books, blogs, to be inspired by. Always looking for something very particular, very appetizing, but by doing this I run the risk of forgetting the easiest things, those that we grew up with.  Read more