Madeleines with almond flour and orange.

madeleines with almond flour and orange

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Madeleines represent the kind of cakes that are a part of my routine since I prepare them at least once every 10 days. We like to swallow them in the morning with our eyes still closed, down everything in one gulp. We all know the story of Marcel Proust and his ” mystical journey ” to the past with the first bite of a madeleine. Read more

Seed and onion crackers

Crackers with seeds and onion

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There are things we cannot postpone indefinitely, sooner or later the moment to do them arrives, no more excuses. My problem lately is the driver’s license that I have to get in Canada. So it means a second exam, written and practical, in other words a nightmare! It’s crazy, isn’t it? I’ve never thought of being forced to do it again. Unfortunately, the validity of my Italian driver’s license is limited, and as soon as you become a permanent resident you’re obliged to have the Quebec one. Read more

Birthday Cake. Lemon cake with ice cream and meringues

lemon cake ice cream meringue

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Two weeks ago it was my husband’s birthday, the second one we celebrated together in Montreal. I love my husband. I love him even more when a “no matter why” party is approaching, either his birthday or Christmas or any other occasion that should be celebrated, he begins by saying “no gifts, no cakes, we will spend an evening just the two of us, this is the way I like”. Liar! I know for a fact that when he says something, he wants exactly the opposite. And so, gifts, a lot of friends over, a cake with candles in the bargain. Read more

Linguine with pistachio pesto and monkfish

linguine with pistachios pesto and monkifsh

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On a Sunday few weeks ago, I received two calls from Italy from 2 good friends of mine; Francesca and Alice. Both called me with the same purpose, in other words to tell me about the pasta they had eaten the night before in a restaurant. It’s amazing especially because they used the same expression “Margy, you have to learn how to make this pasta so you can prepare it for us as soon as you come back this summer “. Read more