Blueberries and almond milk clafoutis

bluberry and almond milk clafoutis

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I’am convinced that some cakes are interesting also because of the name they are born with. Is it not true? Especially those which have a French name … éclair, canelés, flans … Can’t you hear how their names sound so good in your ears? The clafoutis is among them, there is no doubt. I’ve tried to make clafoutis several times, I love its name and I wanted to make it as poetic as the name sounds, but there were always something that did not work. Consistency, egg flavor too strong etc. Read more

Watermelon gazpacho et paneer

watermelon gazpacho

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Walking around the market during the beautiful summer mornings means going home with a great amount of fruits and vegetables, sometimes even with flowers, sometimes with plants (and please note that I have a very small balcony!). A couple of days ago I went overboard and I came back home with a big watermelon. Read more

My version of “Paneer” the Indian cheese.

paneer ok

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Although this is not the first time that I’ve tried to cook Indian food, I officially apologize to all my Indian friends and to all those who grew up with paneer prepared as it should, by the able hands of their mother or their grandmother…. Read more

Basil and lemon ice cream

gelato fatto in casa al basilicofrench version english version italian version (SCROLL DOWN)

I’m aware that in the past few months you heard me complain a lot about the cold and snow, but you must know that summer time in Montreal can be really hot. Living in a place where the winter lasts 4-5 months, I won’t complain, but it’s true that the only thing we can do (especially if there’s no air conditioning at home) is staying as close as possible to the freezer. Read more

“Panino”. Prosciutto di Parma, figs and goat cheese with beet bread.


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I often feel like I’m late, from many point of views. Is this the fault of the jet-leg from Italy to Canada? Or maybe I’m just a little bit dizzy? I didn’t realize that the blog “Le blogalline” indeed had announced a contest. How is it possible? This has been a tough period, but I’ve tried to catch up for all the time I’ve lost. Read more