Tomatoes stuffed with rice and herbs

tomates farcis au riz

I have been waiting good tomatoes all year, and when the right time comes I buy any sorts of tomatoes, without even knowing what I’m going to use them for. I often stuff tomatoes with tuna and boiled eggs, since it’s very easy and can be prepared super fast. Read more

Peach and rosemary popsicles

popsicles with peaches and rosmary
If you’ve read my last recipe last week you already know that during this season I have the obsession of purchasing summer products and sometimes it means having a lot of fruit “to sell off” in order to avoid food wasting. Read more

Buckwheat galette with nectarines and pistachios

sarrasin avec pistachios and pêches

french version english version italian version

In terms of food I take my revenge on the winter going often to the market, taking the time to look around, without being pressed by the cold temperature and snow. Full of enthusiasm and good intentions, I often come home with vegetables and fruits of all kinds. Read more