Almond orange cake

orta soffice di arance e mandorle

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Believe or not, it took me more than four months to be able to post this recipe on the blog. I know, it’s completely insane, but I really couldn’t do otherwise! Rather than getting bogged down in too much detail, let me tell you just a few words about this AMAZING almond and orange cake. Read more

Peanut butter chicken

peanut butter chicken

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At home we don’t eat meat very often even though we like it a lot. When we eat meat, this must be prepared in a very appetizing way in order to please everyone, especially the children. How it happens for other kind of recipes (veggies, cakes, pasta..) some of these have their moments in the sun and so I made them several times in a relatively short period of time. Read more

Chocolate and lentil cake (gluten free)

gateau chocolat sans gluten

gluten free chocolate cake

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If you are wondering if there is a mistake in the title of this post or, if I simply lost my mind, the answer is no to both your questions. This chocolate and lentil cake is something that I wanted to make for a long time; I was just waiting for the right moment to come. And so it happened on a Sunday of January, with a heavy snowstorm outside.  Read more

Spaghetti with squash and bacon crumble

spaghetti à la courge et bacon 6

spaghetti à la courge et bacon 4

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These spaghetti with squash and bacon and bread crumble are a typical autumn dish, delicious and comforting, and last but not least, very easy to make. As it always happens, in this time of the year, when squash and pumpkins are at every street corner, I always have them at home and I love making squash cream/soup in large quantities. Read more

Butternut squash granola

granola à la courge
As many people out there, I use butternut squash starting from the end of September until I see the first strawberries at the market, hence for several months. And to make matters worse, I basically put squash in any preparation (have a look at the blog you will find a good numbers of recipes / ideas). Read more