Ruffled milk pie

how to make the ruffled milk pie

how to make galatopita

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Like most of the people out there, I spend a lot of time on Instagram, which lately has become my favorite source of inspiration for new recipes or food trends. Well, a few months ago I was looking at this phyllo cake which is better known as ruffled milk pie, or in the original Greek version ‘Galatopita‘ which means ‘cake made with milk’. Read more


sfouf recipe -

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Have you ever heard this word? It sounds cool, doesn’t it? Sfouf is nothing less than a Lebanese cake made with semolina and turmeric. It’s as good as it sounds. I recently tasted it here in Montreal in a nice cafe that bears its name, and I immediately loved it. Read more

Orange and coconut chiffon cake

fluffosa all'arancia e cocco ok
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Chiffon cake is perfect for any time of the day: It can be a great companion in the morning along a cup of black coffee, a sweet treat with an afternoon tea, but even a spectacular fully decorated dessert. It has an amazing moist and airy texture and it’s quite easy to make, it will take just a short amount of time to be prepared.  Read more


meat empanadas

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In my head there is a world map with the flags of the countries that I have had the chance to visit, and bigger flags for the countries I would visit sooner or later. Among these countries, there is Argentina, of which I heard amazing things. Read more