Summer chicken salad

salade froide de poulet

easy chicken salad

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It’s July, it’s the hottest month of the year – yes, it’s hot even in Montreal – and the desire to spend time outside enjoying the beautiful season and the long days is very strong. Either to get some ice cream, for a picnic in the park or for a supper on the balcony on a starlit roof, the most important thing is not to lose even a single moment. Read more

Pâtes à la sauce bolognaise de veau

maccheroni à la sauce de veau-

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Les pâtes à la sauce de veau sont une variante gourmande des célèbres pâtes à la sauce bolognaise. Cette recette est réalisée avec de la viande hachée de veau auquel on ajoute une portion de l’immanquable mirepoix, un peu de tomate, le tout parfumé de vin Marsala, de feuilles de laurier et de quelques baies de genièvre ainsi que de romarin. Read more

Chicken tagine with preserved lemon


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There are things we want so much, that we believe we can’t live without them. It’s been this way with tagine -I was convinced that without it my cooking could not be considered as such. When I had it in my hands, as a pleasant gift from a Moroccan friend, I admired it full of inspiration and my eyes filled with sweet memories of my trip to Marrakech. Read more

Onion, pancetta and fennel seeds stuffed chicken.

pollo farcito con cipolle pancetta e semi di finocchio

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I’ve waited for a longtime to prepare this recipe because I was afraid to ruin the memory of a wonderful evening spent with some good friends. But since I really liked this stuffed chicken, I mustered the courage and I tried it. As we all know giving the credits to the original authors is always a good deed, so the recipe of this stuffed chicken belongs to my friend Cedrick, Marie’s husband. I still have the image of Cedrick’s smile while he was bringing the chicken to the table in my heart, saying that he had learned this recipe from his grandmother. Read more

Turkey and Feta meatloaf with soy mayonnaise.

turkey meatloaf with feta cheese

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I’ve had the opportunity to comment on a lot of posts on other blogs about meatloaf, because it’s one of my favorite comfort foods. Seriously I can eat it any time, hot surrounded by vegetables, but even cold, just came out of the refrigerator. Meatloaf always cheers me up. Read more