Liégeoise salad

liégeoise salad with bacon

salade liégeoise

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After a winter spent eating cabbage, broccolis and a lot of soups, everyone is craving salads, even more if they are enriched with seasonal vegetables such as green beans. I find eating salads anything but boring and sad, on the contrary, discovering new combinations of ingredients can rather be fun.
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Soupe de haricots et pâtes

recette pour soupe d'haricots et pate 2

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Ailleurs dans le monde, pas trop loin, les gens commencent à se « déshabiller » légèrement, à regarder les premières fleurs ; à Montréal, on a encore nos gros manteaux et nos bottes d’hiver à portée de main. Même si cet hiver a été meilleur que les précédents, on observe souvent la météo et il y a encore le signe – avant les degrés. Alors : froid, neige, pluie = soupe ! Read more

Sweet potatoes and pancetta flan

sweet potatoes and pancetta flan

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Moving at almost 34 years old is not easy, especially if you do it at a time you’ve never imagined. Your family, your friends, your job … the balance of all of this breaks .You have to start it all over again. When I arrived in Quebec, I lived the first months exactly as a tourist. Discovering the city as if I was an Italian of “passaggio ” I didn’t want to break my bonds with Italy and my entire life there. After summer, when Montreal becomes really amazing, I’ve begun to feel it in my heart, I’ve started to feel comfortable with different cultures, habits and people. Read more