Whipped cream cake

dolce alla panna montata

french version english version italian version (scroll down)

It’s not a surprise that I prefer simple cakes with a smooth texture and a rustic taste. Breakfast cakes always attract my attention and give me great satisfactions when I prepare them. This is the reason why the last time I participated to this game, I chose with no doubts the recipe of the whipped cream cake, among many of Marta’s posts . Read more

Chocolate crumble banana bread

chocolate banana bread with crumble french version english version italian version (SCROLL DOWN) Banana breads are the equivalent to apple cakes in terms of how good they are. Whole-wheat flour, regular sugar or brown sugar, oil, butter, whatever you prefer, it’s always worth a try, isn’t it? It’s true that so far, I’ve tasted more apple cakes than banana breads, but I’m sure I will catch up very soon. Read more

Lemon and saffron loaf cake.


plumcake al limone e zafferano

french version english version italian version (SCROLL DOWN)

When I compare my character to my parents’ or with someone in my family there are always a few similarities. Both the good and the bad. I could make a long list in the matter of it, but the funniest thing is inheriting my grandmother’s passion for lemons or better compulsive desire to buy them. No jokes. Read more