Carrot, apple and pistachio cake

torta di carote mele e pistacchi

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A few months ago, after many years of waiting and fighting, we finally moved into our new apartment with a bigger kitchen – yay! The only problem was that back then I was 34 weeks pregnant and the doctor, to prevent my baby from being born too early, forbade me to move, and taking care of the move was absolutely out of question. Read more

Fennel salad with mango and coconut breaded shrimps

fennel and mango salad

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When I found beautiful tulips at the supermarket, I wanted to purchase them all in every color. After several minutes wondering which color I should buy, I chose the yellow ones, thinking that they would go perfectly with the mango salad I wanted to prepare the day after. My lust for yellow tulips and salads go at the same speed with the calendar. Even though two days ago a storm covered the city with snow again, and the temperature is still too close to zero, according to the calendar it’s spring and I feel like eating something colorful. Read more