Bulgur salad with strawberries, mint and feta.

bulgur and strawberry salad

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I like experimenting with new recipes, new ingredients and new combinations of flavors. This time, I pushed myself maybe a little further by mixing together strawberries and bulgur<attachment>The idea of ​​mixing savory ingredients with strawberries may surprise you, I guess, but believe me, the taste of strawberries with the green onions, feta and mint is worth trying, especially if you have good organic bulgur. Read more

Almond butter dip

Burro di mandorle fatto in casa

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Whenever you want to prepare something with almonds, walnuts, hazelnutsElena’s blog is an incredible resource of good recipes and original ideas. Read more

Eggplant humus with tofu salad

eggplant humus with tofu salad

In my entire life I’ve never stolen, I pay my bills regularly, I am a faithful person and I don’t lie … except at customs. Not always, but sometimes returning from Italy I happen to have some food hidden in my luggage. I’m aware that it’s not a good deed, but the temptation always wins. Read more

Basil and lemon ice cream

gelato fatto in casa al basilicofrench version english version italian version (SCROLL DOWN)

I’m aware that in the past few months you heard me complain a lot about the cold and snow, but you must know that summer time in Montreal can be really hot. Living in a place where the winter lasts 4-5 months, I won’t complain, but it’s true that the only thing we can do (especially if there’s no air conditioning at home) is staying as close as possible to the freezer. Read more