Pide, the Turkish pizza

la pizza turca agli spinaci

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My Turkish friends say that in my house I have more Turkish products than them, and they are not wrong, indeed. This happens because of them, of course, but even because of the good number of Turkish cooking books that I have at home. Read more

Watermelon gazpacho et paneer

watermelon gazpacho

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Walking around the market during the beautiful summer mornings means going home with a great amount of fruits and vegetables, sometimes even with flowers, sometimes with plants (and please note that I have a very small balcony!). A couple of days ago I went overboard and I came back home with a big watermelon. Read more

Eggplant and feta balls

eggplant and feta balls

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You can trust eggplants. They never deceive you. Yes, I know, sometimes they can be bitter, but something unexpected can always happen, can’t it? These eggplant and feta balls are the last things I cooked before I left for my holidays in Italy, with the idea to empty my fridge as much as possible. Read more

Beet soup with feta and cumin

beet soup with feta and cumin

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Being a woman usually means that you can easily be seduced by a lot of things. Furthermore, if you are a woman who loves cooking, you probably will have problems not only in front of a shop window full of shoes or bags, but also at the supermarket. Whenever I have a few more minutes to spare and I’m in a good mood, I ‘m able to come home with a good number of ingredients because I fell in love just with their labels or colors. Read more

Turkey and Feta meatloaf with soy mayonnaise.

turkey meatloaf with feta cheese

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I’ve had the opportunity to comment on a lot of posts on other blogs about meatloaf, because it’s one of my favorite comfort foods. Seriously I can eat it any time, hot surrounded by vegetables, but even cold, just came out of the refrigerator. Meatloaf always cheers me up. Read more