Mango and coconut vegan cobbler

mango and coconut cobbler

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What’s a cobbler? In simple words, it can be considered as a crumble’s cousin. The basic idea is the same for both cakes, or better, fruits underneath and a layer of the dough/crust over it. The main difference is, for the cobbler, the crust top of the fruits is not made with crumbs, but with a dough very similar to cookies’, without eggs. Read more

Fennel salad with mango and coconut breaded shrimps

fennel and mango salad

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When I found beautiful tulips at the supermarket, I wanted to purchase them all in every color. After several minutes wondering which color I should buy, I chose the yellow ones, thinking that they would go perfectly with the mango salad I wanted to prepare the day after. My lust for yellow tulips and salads go at the same speed with the calendar. Even though two days ago a storm covered the city with snow again, and the temperature is still too close to zero, according to the calendar it’s spring and I feel like eating something colorful. Read more