Quinoa and broccoli “hamburgers”

come fare gli polpette di quinoa

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OK, I’ll be honest. The credit for these burgers belongs to my mother. Excellent cook and curious explorer, my mother has 1000 different flours, any kind of seeds, and an incredible number of pots and pans, despite her small house. In a few words, it’s really hard to get bored at her table. Read more

Quinoa bread

quinoa bread

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Sometimes I wake up listless, without any desire to cook. There is nothing to do. I eat what my fridge gives me without any hesitations. It is useless to force me when I ‘m in this mood, the only thing is hoping that it goes away quickly. On the other hand, there are days when I wake up with lots of energy and desire to spread my energy around, without the slightest sign of sluggishness. After a really tiring phase, often some new energy comes back to cheer me up. Sometimes the level of this new energy is so high that it turns into impatience. Read more