Quinoa and broccoli “hamburgers”

come fare gli polpette di quinoa

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OK, I’ll be honest. The credit for these burgers belongs to my mother. Excellent cook and curious explorer, my mother has 1000 different flours, any kind of seeds, and an incredible number of pots and pans, despite her small house. In a few words, it’s really hard to get bored at her table. Read more

Quinoa, hazelnuts and cranberries granola

granola maison

french version english version italian version

Despite I’m making a lot of cakes for breakfast, the granola is always present in my pantry. Whether to be eaten with some yogurt or as a sweet light snack during the day. Given that good organic granola is quite expensive and I already had a very good organic quinoa and lots dried cranberries at home, I tried to make it on my own. Read more