Barley with porcini mushroom and butternut


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Another recipe with butternut you would say? Well, yes, another recipe with butternut. And being honest I don’t think it will be last one, and I pretty sure that as soon as you will try this barley soup with porcini mushroom and butternut, you agree with me…. Read more

Mushrooms stuffed with hazelnuts


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As I have said in this post, as far as I am concerned, I don’t like extremism of any kind, and food-wise I eat almost everything. The only thing I refuse to do is starting cooking with no vegetables: no veggies in the fridge means that I absolutely have to go out to grocery shop. Read more

Quinoa chili

quinoa chili copy

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I do not like extremists, in all respects, food included. I like meat and fish, but I also enjoy preparing vegetarian meals and experimenting with vegan recipes. Among the vegetarian recipes I’ve been experimenting with, there are a few that I like a lot, but to be honest, the one that excited me the most is the recipe of this vegetarian chili. Read more

Purple cauliflower and pear flan with roquefort sauce

sformato di cavolo viola e pere

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I’m very proud of this cauliflower and pear flan, to be honest. Born by chance, aimed to “save” some pears bought more for their beautiful color rather than their taste (and also to prevent myself from finishing all the roquefort with a baguette), this cauliflower flan was a really nice surprise that came out of my oven, both for its flavor and for its beautiful color. Read more

Zucchini, dill and mint “pancakes” (Mücver)

zucchini pancakes

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I admit that this time it has been very very hard taking pictures because I could not resist to these zucchini, dill and mint pancakes. Accomplice, an Italian friend who was visiting us from Italy. We ate so much of these savoury pancakes, that having managed to take some decent photos is a real miracle…

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