Codfish croquettes

polpette di merluzzo

french version english version italian version (scroll down)

Any recipe, savory or sweet, is made to be shared. It doesn’t matter if you are using books, magazines or Internet, the most important is sharing. That’s why when I found out that “Le Bloggalline” promoted a food contest where food bloggers had to realize the recipes of other food bloggers I accepted immediately the challenge! Read more

Peach and rosemary popsicles

popsicles with peaches and rosmary
If you’ve read my last recipe last week you already know that during this season I have the obsession of purchasing summer products and sometimes it means having a lot of fruit “to sell off” in order to avoid food wasting. Read more

Bulgur salad with strawberries, mint and feta.

bulgur and strawberry salad

french version english version italian version(faire défiler/scorrere in basso /scroll down)

I like experimenting with new recipes, new ingredients and new combinations of flavors. This time, I pushed myself maybe a little further by mixing together strawberries and bulgur<attachment>The idea of ​​mixing savory ingredients with strawberries may surprise you, I guess, but believe me, the taste of strawberries with the green onions, feta and mint is worth trying, especially if you have good organic bulgur. Read more

Spelt and rice flour crackers

crackers alla farina di riso e farro

french version english version italian version(faire défiler/scorrere in basso /scroll down)

Summer is approaching, but instead of filling my fridge (and my stomach) with fresh fruits and vegetables, I am storing my pantry with any sort of flour to make pizzas, breads and crackersRead more

My version of “Paneer” the Indian cheese.

paneer ok

french version english version italian version (SCROLL DOWN)

Although this is not the first time that I’ve tried to cook Indian food, I officially apologize to all my Indian friends and to all those who grew up with paneer prepared as it should, by the able hands of their mother or their grandmother…. Read more