Preserved lemon and rosemary bread


long rising homemade bread

As I claimed several times, I would love to fully master the art of baking, for the pleasure of its smell and for the joy of seeing the dough rise in the oven. Contrary to what might be thought, Montreal has a very good number of wonderful bakeries, and among my favorites there is a small bakery, come winter or summer, there is always a big line up. Read more

Upside-down pie with peach and rosemary crumble

upside_down pie with crumble


french version english version italian version (SCROLL DOWN)

Some opportunities arrive by chance, you have to be lucky enough to jump at them. It was like that when my friend Carlotta asked me to cook for a brunch organized by her and her girlfriend Sara in their store on the occasion of my visit to Italy. Well, you must know that the store of these girls is among my favorite around Florence. Read more