Homemade breadsticks with tahini

grissini fatti in casa

french version english version italian version(faire défiler/scorrere in basso /scroll down)

Breadsticks in my house have a very short life. I think no breadstick has lived more than 12 hours. Not a single one. We are greedy eaters of these tiny crunchy pieces of bread. Read more

Small rolled tahini buns

Tahini sweet rolled buns

french version english version italian version (scrolled down)

The airport is a place that I like a lot. Both I leave and I arrive. I like it. The airport is also the place that moves me the most. I’m able to shed a few tears, indeed, even looking at the greetings of others whose stories I imagine. I remember that one year ago when I was at the airport waiting for two friends, I started to cry watching a family that, in my imagination, met after many many years. Read more