Strawberry and ricotta cake

ricotta cake with strawberries

french version english version italian version (scroll down)

Between a nappy and a diaper, I managed to download the pictures and find something to say about this strawberry and ricotta cake. In my mind I was supposed to publish this recipe a couple of weeks ago, but beside some small catering services my baby got sick, and so did I (and of course, a good number of friends of mine). Read more

Bulgur salad with strawberries, mint and feta.

bulgur and strawberry salad

french version english version italian version(faire défiler/scorrere in basso /scroll down)

I like experimenting with new recipes, new ingredients and new combinations of flavors. This time, I pushed myself maybe a little further by mixing together strawberries and bulgur<attachment>The idea of ​​mixing savory ingredients with strawberries may surprise you, I guess, but believe me, the taste of strawberries with the green onions, feta and mint is worth trying, especially if you have good organic bulgur. Read more