Vegan banana bread with chocolate chips and lemon

banana bread vegano ok

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Lately I have the feeling that I’m spending all my days in the kitchen. Ok, I like what I do, but I sometimes feel like I’m thinking only about food … so to make my days more lively I started to weaning my baby boy, and along with it began an infinite number of purees and cereal creams. Read more

Tomatoes stuffed with rice and herbs

tomates farcis au riz

I have been waiting good tomatoes all year, and when the right time comes I buy any sorts of tomatoes, without even knowing what I’m going to use them for. I often stuff tomatoes with tuna and boiled eggs, since it’s very easy and can be prepared super fast. Read more

Almond butter dip

Burro di mandorle fatto in casa

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Whenever you want to prepare something with almonds, walnuts, hazelnutsElena’s blog is an incredible resource of good recipes and original ideas. Read more

Pea and orange soup

crema di piselli e arancia

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On one hand, the 21st of March, or in other words, the official first day of spring has already passed and I’m fantasizing about cold and refreshing summer soups, despite the capricious weather. Read more

Clementine and avocado salad

avocado salad

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Last winter I heard a lot of people saying, “this is the coldest winter of the last 20 years”. Now I am curious to know what they are going to say at the end of this winter. Read more