Upside-down orange cake

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In my head I wanted to make a completely different cake, plain of butter and loaded with bananas … but somehow I made a cake with oil and oranges, please don’t ask me why! An upside-down cake to be more precise, made with not that much sugar but sweetened with orange juice and honey syrup once cooked. Read more

Almond milk and honey brioche

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It literarily breaks my heart to throw away food or ingredients. I try all the time to give them a second chance, like if they were candidates who arrived at the final selection, without being chosen. Well, a left over of almond milk was my candidate, the expiration day was behind the corner, but I knew the poor “guy” needed another chance and so I decided to make brioche bread for the family breakfast, inspired by this recipeRead more

Rye muffins with apples and fresh cranberries (dairy free)

dairy free muffins

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I’ve always had fun replacing regular white flour with “alternative” ones, either for the pleasure of experimenting with new flavors and texture or for the awareness that their use is very important for our well being. Lately I have been using alternative flours more than ever, both for sweet recipes and for salty ones. Read more

Carrot, apple and pistachio cake

torta di carote mele e pistacchi

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A few months ago, after many years of waiting and fighting, we finally moved into our new apartment with a bigger kitchen – yay! The only problem was that back then I was 34 weeks pregnant and the doctor, to prevent my baby from being born too early, forbade me to move, and taking care of the move was absolutely out of question. Read more

Butternut spelt muffins with coconut crumble

As you probably guessed from my photos’ captions on my Instagram account, here in Montreal we had a very sunny September with above average temperatures. It was so warm that some days I felt like I was in Italy in July. But of course, as it happens in this country, everything changes in one day, overnight we find ourselves catapulted in autumn. Read more