Ricotta and almond cake

gâteau ricotta et orange-

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This ricotta and almond cake has been waiting for several weeks (maybe months) to find a spot in my blog!. There is not too much to say about this cake, just that it is worth to make it, even only to try its smooth texture and its amazing orange aroma. Read more

Lemon and spelt cake

farro e limone

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My Italian vacation will end up shortly, I can count the days till I go home on one hand, but, despite this, a thousand things have to be done and, if it is possible, I have even more friends to meet with. Despite the time is breathing down my neck, when the girls from Instamamme asked me to contribute with a post on the occasion of their community’s 3rd birthday, I said yes right away. Read more

Purple cauliflower and pear flan with roquefort sauce

sformato di cavolo viola e pere

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I’m very proud of this cauliflower and pear flan, to be honest. Born by chance, aimed to “save” some pears bought more for their beautiful color rather than their taste (and also to prevent myself from finishing all the roquefort with a baguette), this cauliflower flan was a really nice surprise that came out of my oven, both for its flavor and for its beautiful color. Read more

Clementine and ginger aperitivo

aperitivo con scritta

It’s quite strange publishing a drink on my blog, but I made this ginger and clementine aperitivo for a project that unfortunately never came into being. It was too good to be abandoned between all the pictures stored in my computer. Maybe it will be the first cocktail of a long series, who knows?!? This ginger and clementine aperitivo is easy to make, perfect to be prepared during these festive days. If there are children around, you can replace the prosecco with soda or sparkling water. Cheers and Happy New Year!

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Ginger and clementine aperitivo
Prep time
Total time
For 4 glasses
: Drinks
  • 400 ml very cold prosecco
  • The juice of ⅘ clementines
  • ½ teaspoon of fresh grated
  1. Squeeze the clementines to obtain the juice;
  2. In a pitcher add the grated, the ginger juice and it let stand for 30 minutes;
  3. When you're ready to serve, add in the prosecco, stir with a spoon and serve immediately.

Apéritif au gingembre et aux clémentines

ginger and clementine cocktail

C’est un peu étrange de publier une boisson sur mon blog, disons une nouveauté ; mais pour un projet qui n’a jamais abouti, j’avais réalisé ce cocktail qui était trop bon pour être oublié parmi toutes les photos compressées dans mon ordinateur. Parfait pour être préparé pendant ces jours de fête, l’apéritif au gingembre et aux clémentines se réalise en vitesse avec du prosecco, et s’il y a des enfants vous pouvez remplacer le prosecco avec du soda ou de l’eau pétillante

5.0 from 3 reviews
Apéritif au gingembre et aux clémentines
Prep time
Total time
Pour 4 verres
: Boissons
  • 400 ml de prosecco bien froid
  • Le jus de ⅘ clémentines
  • ½ cuillère à thé de gingembre frais râpé
  1. Pressez les clémentines pour obtenir leur jus ;
  2. Dans une carafe, mettez le jus avec le gingembre et laissez reposer pendant 30 minutes ;
  3. Quand vous êtes prêt à servir, mélangez le prosecco avec le jus de clémentines en remuant avec une cuillère et servez immédiatement.

Aperitivo al mandarino e zenzero fresco

aperitif au gingembre et clementines

5.0 from 3 reviews
Aperitivo al mandarino e ginger fresco
Prep time
Total time
Per 4 bicchieri
: Cocktails
  • 400 ml di prosecco molto freddo
  • Il succo di ⅘ mandarini
  • ½ cucchiaino di zenzero fresco grattugiato
  1. Spremete i mandarini per ottenere il loro succo;
  2. Mettete il succo di mandarino con lo zenzero in una brocca e lasciate riposare per 30 minuti;
  3. Al momento di servire aggiungete il prosecco con il succo di clementine, mescolate con un cucchiaio e servire subito.

Coffee panna cotta

panna cotta al caffe

One of the best things about holidays is that we don’t pay attention to the number of calories we eat. Diet always starts in January; it is a deadly sin being on diet during christmas! If you want to get off the grid of traditional Christmas cakes and you are looking for a dessert easy to make,  panna cotta is the right cake for you.  Read more