Spelt English muffins

muffin inglesi di farro

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I did the math, a year has passed since I made these English muffins and took the pictures! Not kidding! It’s already been ONE LONG year since I made this recipe without posting it. It’s been so long that I don’t even remember why I didn’t publish it at that moment … The only thing I remember is trying 2 or 3 recipes before finding the one that I was really happy with, resulting in English muffins with a soft and quite puffy texture. Read more

Liégeoise salad

liégeoise salad with bacon

salade liégeoise

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After a winter spent eating cabbage, broccolis and a lot of soups, everyone is craving salads, even more if they are enriched with seasonal vegetables such as green beans. I find eating salads anything but boring and sad, on the contrary, discovering new combinations of ingredients can rather be fun.
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Onion pie (calzone di cipolle)

gateau aux oignons

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This onion pie is a personal reinterpretation of the “calzonewith onions, very well known in the Italian region of Puglia as one of the most traditional recipes of this region, available in any boulangerie especially nearby Bari. This onion pie is a rustic savoury cake made with quite thin dough shell, stuffed with onions, anchovies, olives, capers and tomatoes. Read more

Ruffled milk pie

how to make the ruffled milk pie

how to make galatopita

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Like most of the people out there, I spend a lot of time on Instagram, which lately has become my favorite source of inspiration for new recipes or food trends. Well, a few months ago I was looking at this phyllo cake which is better known as ruffled milk pie, or in the original Greek version ‘Galatopita‘ which means ‘cake made with milk’. Read more

Spelt loaf cake with asparagus and leeks

plumcake salato agli asparagi


After the cookie phase now is the moment of savory loaf cakes which I haven’t made for a long time.
The “rediscovery” of this recipe is due to the the fact that we coincidentally found ourselves having friends over for brunch for 3 consecutive Sundays and while I was looking for some not too heavy and very easy recipes to make, I came to the conclusion that a savory loaf cake would do the job perfectly. Read more