Bean, Tuscan kale and cocoa creamy soup

bean and cocoa soup

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I was waiting to make this recipe for a long time, I waited the cold weather to come to prepare this bean, Tuscan kale and cocoa soup, which makes me almost look forward to winter (ok, I said almost). I spared the end of November to prepare suitcases and passports, finally after almost one year, we are going to Italy for two months. Read more

Coconut, orange and olive oil “squares”

orange and coconut cake

On of my girlfriends recently asked me why lately I am publishing so many “sweet recipes” … the question has not been answered, because really I don’t know why. My sweet tooth level, indeed, is still under control and, in theory, I’m supposed to be on diet… Read more

“Pasta e patate”

ricetta pasta e patate

french version english version italian version(SCROLL DOWN)

I apologize, but today you have to take this recipe with the Italian name, translating it would be misrepresenting the recipe itself. “Pasta e patate” is an Italian traditional dish, specifically from the Neapolitan culinary tradition, made from pasta and potatoes. A poor dish, prepared with a few ingredients, easy to prepare, nutritious and with a unique taste. Read more

Carrot and hazelnut cake

carrot and hazelnut cake

If it wasn’t so hard to grate the carrots, I think I could make a carrot cake every week. Although I have admitted that carrots are not my favorite vegetable (see this recipe), the carrot cake is an exception, especially if hazelnuts come as second main ingredient. Read more