My birthday cake. Hazelnut meringues and red fruits.

gâteau d'anniversaire avec meringues aux noisettes

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The first post from abroad had to be my birthday cake. No secrets, indeed, last week was my birthday. I know that time goes fast, but honestly I have no problems with aging. It seems rather that I love my birthday even though my age increases exactly as my wrinkles do. It always deserves to be celebrated. I thought for several days about which cake I should make, with chocolate ? Or with the cream? Or maybe a semifreddo? It is not easy to choose the right one, isnt’it? Read more

My version of savory Kranz Cake with pesto


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Some months I saw on Angie’s blog this amazing sweet bread, almost a cake, that immediately captured my attention. I had never heard about this “Kranz Cake”, but when I did some research I immediately realized that I was one of the few who didn’t know what it was. I still remember that Angie replied to my enthusiastic comment inviting me to make it again.
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Crustless cheesecake with white chocolate and raspberries

white chocolate cheesecake

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It has been too long since the last time I ate cheesecake. I know that summer is on its way and therefore I should be careful what I eat. In theory. But I couldn’t resist. I couldn’t even resist buying raspberries, even though their season has not arrived in Quebec yet. What’s funnier is that it happened twice! The first time I baked this cake, it lasted 28 hours, no more, if you keep in mind that we were only two people it is almost a record. Read more

Salty Focaccia with milk and ginger.

focaccia salée avec lait et gingembrefrench version english version italian version (scroll down)

In Italy we grow up eating focaccia, we enjoy it at any age, at any time of the day. You can imagine how much I miss it. In my country, maybe it would never came to my mind to prepare it, but since I’m here I wanted to try. After several disastrous attempts finally I found the texture that I was looking for. Read more

Rice tart with chocolate almond crust

Rice tart with almond chocolate crust

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A few months ago, this tart was the only edible thing for dinner I hosted at my house. The problem was that it wasn’t me who made it, but my friend Francesca, my guest with her family. The dinner was one of the biggest failures of my culinary career. The dishes that were suppose to be hot were cold, those that were suppose be hot were cold, I forgot quiche potato in the oven in the bargain.  Read more