Chicken tagine with preserved lemon


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There are things we want so much, that we believe we can’t live without them. It’s been this way with tagine -I was convinced that without it my cooking could not be considered as such. When I had it in my hands, as a pleasant gift from a Moroccan friend, I admired it full of inspiration and my eyes filled with sweet memories of my trip to Marrakech. Read more

Lemon verbena homemade liquor


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Included in the compulsive shopping at the market this summer, there was a lemon verbena plant, which I miraculously managed to let survive, despite my thumb not so green. The lemon verbena has not only survived, it’salso growing enough to give me beautiful and perfumed leaves. Read more

Focaccia stuffed with ricotta.

Focaccia à la ricotta et tomates

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Recently, I have the impression that I’m running late. Indeed, it has been a while, that I didn’t feel so tired. I apologize for not having replied to your comments left on my last recipe. I will do my best to do not let it happen again. I’ll share with you this yummy recipe of focaccia stuffed with ricotta, my sunshine of a beautiful day of late summer. Did I catch up? Read more

Matcha chiffon cake

matcha tea chiffon cake

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When you move abroad it’s very common to have an incredible desire to build relationships in order to create a new “emotional balance” – at least for me it has been like that. Especially when you move far away from your hometown, the necessity of warmth and human relations is almost inevitable, especially if Mediterranean blood runs through your veins. Read more