“Pici” with crumbs. A taste of Tuscany

Pici con le briciole

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Ah the Pici, in my opinion it represents one of the best ways to enjoy fresh homemade pasta. Any bite that dissolves in my mouth is like a dream for me. My foreign friends may not know that Pici is a kind of hand rolled spaghetti, longer and thicker. This type of hand-made spaghetti comes from Siena in Tuscany, where the preparation and the consumption of Pici have deep roots in the history of the city itself. It seems that the Etruscans had invented them. Read more

Beet gnocchi

beet gnocchi

french version english version italian version

Honestly I’ve made ​​this recipe two times before I started writing this post: first time fascinated by the experience of trying purple gnocchi, the second one for the Christmas Eve dinner at some friends’ house, but above all to note the right amount of ingredients. If you have already made homemade gnocchi, you’ll see that this recipe has no additional difficulty. Only particularity is that beets make the dough a bit more humid, so you must need to add more flour and be more patient kneading it. And trust me, even if you’re not a big fan of beets, I am sure 100% that you will be seduced by its beautiful fuchsia color! Read more