Vegan flax seed and peanut butter cookies


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After the great success of vegan version of my banana bread, I am sharing with you the recipe for some vegan cookies made with flax flour and peanut butter. These vegan cookies are ideal for an energetic breakfast or a delicious and not too heavy mid-day snack. Read more

Fish tacos

tacos di pesce ok

I would have loved it but I couldn’t. This is the sentence that characterized my vacation in Italy. As always the time to catch up with my family, a lot of friends to meet with, a bunch of things to do too and the pretty hot temperatures of those days prevented me from publishing recipes on my blog, even though they were ready for quite some time. Read more

Cherry tomato and pistachio pizza

homemade pizza

This is not the recipe I wanted to share with you guys, as looking at the pictures I took I wasn’t sure…. I was afraid that the not “good-looking” pictures would have affected the recipe itself, make it less appealing. So I have decided that I will make that recipe again, as soon as the sun will shine again, bringing some decent light in my kitchen. What I am sharing with you today is one of the most known Italian recipes in the entire world, for me, the ultimate comfort food, in other words PIZZA!

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Strawberry and ricotta cake

ricotta cake with strawberries

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Between a nappy and a diaper, I managed to download the pictures and find something to say about this strawberry and ricotta cake. In my mind I was supposed to publish this recipe a couple of weeks ago, but beside some small catering services my baby got sick, and so did I (and of course, a good number of friends of mine). Read more

Whole-wheat and rey focaccia with preserved lemons

focaccia integrale al limone-

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It’s no longer a surprise that I am very fond of lemons, right? But to be honest, lately I’ve been using preserved lemons more than fresh ones. I put them everywhere, in breads, cakes, or even a classic chicken. Read more