Whole-wheat and rey focaccia with preserved lemons

focaccia integrale al limone-

french version english version italian version (scroll down)

It’s no longer a surprise that I am very fond of lemons, right? But to be honest, lately I’ve been using preserved lemons more than fresh ones. I put them everywhere, in breads, cakes, or even a classic chicken. Read more

Preserved lemon and rosemary bread


long rising homemade bread

As I claimed several times, I would love to fully master the art of baking, for the pleasure of its smell and for the joy of seeing the dough rise in the oven. Contrary to what might be thought, Montreal has a very good number of wonderful bakeries, and among my favorites there is a small bakery, come winter or summer, there is always a big line up. Read more

Chicken tagine with preserved lemon


french version english version italian version (SCOLL DOWN)

There are things we want so much, that we believe we can’t live without them. It’s been this way with tagine -I was convinced that without it my cooking could not be considered as such. When I had it in my hands, as a pleasant gift from a Moroccan friend, I admired it full of inspiration and my eyes filled with sweet memories of my trip to Marrakech. Read more