Liégeoise salad

liégeoise salad with bacon

salade liégeoise

french version english version italian version(scroll down)

After a winter spent eating cabbage, broccolis and a lot of soups, everyone is craving salads, even more if they are enriched with seasonal vegetables such as green beans. I find eating salads anything but boring and sad, on the contrary, discovering new combinations of ingredients can rather be fun.
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Green bean and fresh coconut salad

fagiolini verdi e cocco fresco

french version english version italian version(faire défiler/scorrere in basso /scroll down)

I don’t know which one I like better, green beans or coconut. I could eat the first one cooked in any way and several times during the week; what I like about coconut is its taste no matter the recipe, sweet or savoury. Read more